Thank you for your amazing artistry and all of your time and work. Extraordinary!
Ellyses Kuan(non-registered)
Your photos and videos are amazing!!!!!
Dan Childers(non-registered)
Fantastic VAC video. I hope the fundraiser was a super success.
Jeff C.(non-registered)
Terrific pictures... Beautifully shot. BTW, That guy let you fly the plane?!?!? I didn't remember that being part of the trip... Glad you had nice (safe) vacation.
Dan Childers(non-registered)
Once again, fantastic. A pleasure.
I can not image that this perfect video and photos are made from my custom.
My friends gave the video high score than officially advertising.
Helena Pasieka(non-registered)
We found you ~ These are beautiful! You have a wonderful eye for photography. It was so great to get to know you in Saigon. All the best.
Dan Childers(non-registered)
Thanks for the photos. Can't wait for your next trip.
Dave Krauskopf(non-registered)
Wonderful photos, as always. You should consider another job with National Geographic. Would like to see your take on the Grand Canyon sometime. . .! ! !
Grandpa eric(non-registered)
Thank you George , I really enjoyed your photos and comments. Its like I went there with you
You are the greatest!!!!!!!!!I love you
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